the berlin jungle/drum&bass dj-drummer

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Next Live Dates:

07.06.2019 Annaberg @ProjectPhilFestival

08.06.2019 @ EINE LIEBE Festival

15.06.2019 Wolfenbüttel @Summertime-Festival

27.07.2019 Großenhain @Easy Beach Festival

01.08.2019 @Sound-of-the-Forest Festival

02.08.2019 @Klangtherapie Festival

03.08.2019 @Tropentango Festival

10.08.2019 Fort Gorgast @Oboa Festival

16.08.2019 Fort Gorgast @WODB Festival

17.08.2019 Kanitz @LauterLebenFestival

23.08.2019 Cottbus @Stuss-am-Fluss Festival

06.09.2019 Braunschweig @BamBam Festival

07.09.2019 Triebel @Traib Festival

14.09.2019 Beeskow @Woodlake Festival

27.09.2019 Leipzig @Zoro Festival

03.10.2019 Berlin @Sisyphos

STIXONSPEED…that means Action-Drums&Bass!!!

It is an unique and energetic performance played live with electronic Drums!

The Dj-Drummer STIXONSPEED formed in summer 2017 and started doing streetmusic gigs in Berlin. After playing an aftershow party at the REVOLTES Festival in September 2017 the band Irie Revoltes engaged STIXONSPEED as support act for their big sold out Germany Tour. In 2018 Stixonspeed started his first Festival Season playing his 90 min Liveset on Festivals and Drum&Bass Parties in Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria. Now in the beginning of 2019 STIXONSPEED released his Debut Single “At the End of the Tunnel”.

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